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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is needed to enroll my child?
A: Completed enrollment forms, current immunization record, and $65.00 non-refundable registration fee.

Q: When are fees due?
A: Weekly tuition is due on Monday, late payment fee of $10.00 will be due with tuition if not received by Tuesday evening.

Q:Is there an annual activities fee?
A: Yes, the activities fee is due in January.

Q:What do I, as a parent, need to supply?
A: We ask for 2 complete change of clothes,including socks, to be kept here, 2 refill packs of wipes each month, and diapers as needed.

Q:Who provides baby food and cereal for the infants?
A: Super Kids provides Parents Choice Iron Fortified Formula and infant cereal at no additional charge. Parents are to provide baby food.

Q:What is the daily schedule?
A:Each room has their own age appropriate schedule .

Q:When are meals served?
A: Breakfast~8:00-8:30, Lunch~11:00-11:30, Afternoon Snack~2:30, & Evening Snack~5:15

Q:When is nap time?
A: Nap time is 12:00-2:00. After nap we wash the used sheets every day.

Q:Can my child bring a blanket, pillow, or soft toy for nap time?
A: For safety concerns pillows are not allowed in school. You may bring a small stuffed animal for comfort at nap time. Super Kids will provide a blanket for each child that is washed weekly and/or as needed.

Q: What is your policy for outdoor play time?
A: Children will play outdoors in the morning and afternoon, weather permitting.

Q:What is your policy for illnesses?
A: The safety, health, and well being of your child are our foremost concern. Should your child become ill during the course of the day, you will be called to immediately pick him/her up. A child should not come to Super Kids if they have the following conditions: Diarrhea, Vomiting, or Fever of 100 degrees or higher. It is important that sick children do not come to school to limit the spread of illness.

Q:What if my child needs medicine while in your care?
A: Medicine will be administered with parent's written permission, according to the directions on the label, or in accordance with a physician's instructions. State required medication forms are located in each classroom.

Q:How are birthdays celebrated?
A: We are happy to celebrate an occasion with your child's class. Parents are welcome to bring a special snack, please discuss the times and events with the lead teacher.

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